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Welcome to the Extreme Motor Sport website. Extreme motor sport covers a range of formats, but the pinnacle has to single seater motorcar racing. Young and old boys alike have always been utterly captivated by this type of racing, from watching the exploits of their heroes on the screen, to playing realistic racing games on their computers and game consoles. Speed is an instant adrenaline boost, and there is no faster extreme motor sport than Formula One racing.

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The sport is also at the very cutting edge of racing technology, and appeals to petrolheads and tech geeks alike. Formula One is the king of extreme motor sports, and our site hopes to give you all the information about it you could want. Contact our experts on Extreme Motor Sport for further information.


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Welcome to the Extreme Motor Sport website

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Welcome to the Extreme Motor Sport website. We are here to provide you with all the information and resources you might desire regarding Extreme Motor Sport.

Since its first season way back in 1950, Formula One has been exciting its fans and endangering the lives of its racers, mainly in Europe, the sports traditional homeland. This extreme motor sport is officially designated the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) Formula One World Championship, but is also known as F1. It is the FIA’s highest single seater motor racing class.

The Formula One season comprises a series of Grand Prix races, staged at purpose-built racing circuits and also on specially converted public roads. There are two competitions, a world championship for the drivers and a world championship for the constructors. At the end of the season the driver and constructor with the highest number of points gained from the best number of high finishes is crowned the champion. All drivers in Formula 1 extreme motor sport must hold a valid Super License, which is the highest license the FIA issue. This is because the cars they drive are the fastest on the racing circuit and are capable of speeds of up to 360 kilometres an hour.

Information about this extreme motor sport is ubiquitous, and if there is anything about the sport you don’t find here on our website you can find out more in your local book stores. For example if you are interested in technical information regarding the electronics, aerodynamics, tyres and suspension of these cars, you can find all you need. Find out all about the nail biting finishes and the insane budgets in Formula One. The sport is true theatre. Please get in touch with us if you wish to know more about Extreme Motor Sport.

Vehicles used 'on the track' usually need more care and attention than 'regular' vehicles because of the way they're pushed to their limit. Although 'regular' vehicles might not need as much attention they do benefit from regular serving to ensure longevity. Regular servicing often includes oil changes, various filter changes and battery checks. Finding out that you're vehicle battery is on the way out usually happens at the worst possible moment, so get your battery checked and if you discover it's weak visit here for a selection of batteries to fit a wide range of vehicles.  

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